The Interest/Hobby/Passion Trade Guild

Interests, Hobbies, Passions, whatever you want to share! All are welcome to exchange at the Interest (or Hobby) (or Passion) Trade Guild!

The Interest/Hobby/Passion Trade Guild (or whatever other types of activities you like to do) is a community where hardworking, intelligent young adults can meet to share and exchange the things they enjoy. Interests, hobbies, and passions are all shared via virtual activities created and run by the members. If you’re looking to find a place to meet hardworking, nerdy, intelligent friends and start activities catered to your favorite interests, come to the Trade Guild! Our community is specifically designed for the type of people who bring active dedication and engagement to the things they enjoy – no exceptions. You’ll find people who are hardworking and outgoing just like you, and think, “Wow, this is perfect!”


We have a Discord server where you can chat with everyone in the community. There, you’ll be able to join activities other members are running, as well as run YOUR OWN to meet people who share your interests. It’s essentially a community hub where people gather to plan events together. That way, you can find a few potential friends or collaborators who will regularly engage within the same space. 

Start a club, teach a short workshop, or even pull together a group to study elevator physics. Yes, even elevator physics! You can start an activity for whatever YOU want, in whatever format you want it. There are no restrictions – any activity is possible to run at The Trade Guild (as long as you don’t make anything explode)

Sure, activities run in our community are their own smaller groups of people interested in that particular thing, but it’s not like where you’re limited to meeting people that join your activity. Everyone in The Guild is a whole community, who grow closer to each other by providing activities as a way to more closely interact and share what they love. That’s why everything is done on one single Discord server – our community hub.

Events are held via Zoom. The Discord is a place for you to engage with the entire Trade Guild as a whole, even if the people aren’t in the activities you’ve joined. Each activity also has its own private, dedicated channel within the Discord for the people in that activity to more closely chat with those who share a common interest in the topic. These channels are also where all the resources and Zoom links for activities are posted. You’ll be able to sign up for activities once accepted into The Trade Guild’s Discord. If you want to run your own activity, the form to create one is posted in our Discord. 

The Interest/Hobby/Passion Trade Guild is open to gifted individuals ages 18-25.** It is currently in beta stages – meaning we are still working on making a solid foundation, and currently searching for applicants who will be Founding Members that can help everything come together. See under “Founding Members” for more details.

Want to get an idea of what we do? Check out our archive of previous events.


The Trade Guild is currently in its beta stages. We’re looking for people who can be a major foundation in the building of our envisioned community. We are now searching for founding members who can help us start building real, complete, fulfilling, engaged, honest, respectful, dedicated, exciting, stable, connections. And so we’re looking for people who share those qualities to be a part of our founding mentors.

We want to offer a wide variety of activities to appeal to all interests and have a good set of people ready to greet anyone who joins our community and help them get adjusted. In order to do that, we’ll need a variety of founding members with unique skills who can run activities for us to offer. And since beta stages involve a lot of testing and changing of process, your input will be taken into account in how we build this program.

Founding Members will be treated as community leaders, and given a great amount of respect in The Guild. However, please note you must be able to back up this role by independently initiating contributions and being a productive member of the Trade Guild’s team. Members of our Guild are not students or attendees, but all seen on equal footing as both leaders and participants – Those who want to exchange knowledge and make outgoing connections with a drive for hard work and being honestly challenged.

You’ll be one of the creators – stitching together a community of collaborators tailor-made to your own vision. As is inherent to the idea of friendship, we can’t do it alone! Help us Build the Guild today!

Founding Members will be entitled to the following perks:


The Trade Guild uses Discord as our primary method of communication. Our Discord server’s content is only accessible by members of The Guild – please fill out our sign-up form to get the invite link. This way, our community is kept between only our committed members.

Our Discord server contains all of The Interest/Hobby/Passion Trade Guild’s features, including:

We also have a weekly Zoom call for members to come and hang out. It’s not any formally structured activity, just a time for anyone in The Guild to meet other people over video. It’s a set time where people know that those eager to meet new faces (or familiar friends) will be online for a video call. We’ll be having a Zoom call on Friday, 5:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) every week – the link is posted in the Trade Guild Discord.

Fill out the form below to apply, and we’ll let you know if you can start trading with us! **Gifted individuals ages 16+ who are currently enrolled in or close to attending college (i.e. senior year of high school) can also be admitted. All participants under 18 must have a parent sign a waiver before attendance. Applications may take longer to process in this scenario.

Stories from The Trade Guild

Questions? We’d love to answer them! Contact us here!

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